5 minutes or 50 minutes-How Much Exercise is Required to Get Health Benefits?

It difficult to get enough exercise during a busy workday. How much exercise do we need to reap the health benefits?
How much exercise during busy workday?

How much exercise is good enough?

A meta-analysis of research studies shows that 75 minutes of exercise per week, which could be just a 15-minute walk or jog every day, resulted in a 14 percent lower risk of heart disease (1).

If you consider the intensity of the exercise, then just five minutes a day of physically strenuous exercise provides many benefits. A study conducted on runners found that participants who ran 10 minutes a day weren’t different than those who ran 150 minutes a week (2). This means as little as 10 minutes of vigorous exercise can give the same health benefits as a longer exercise duration.

How to Fit Exercise in the Busy Workday?

high intesnity interval training is perfect for busy workdays
go for a walk in nature
Walking in nature

Get some green exercise every day for 10 to 15 minutes. You will get your daily movement and an enhanced mood because of the elevated serotonin levels.

Home chores can add up to movement as well.


It might sound like a new exercise trend, but research strongly suggests that you can enjoy the health benefits of exercise by moving as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. Try the three exercise modes to get more movement in your busy workdays.



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