Achieving Goals

Aesha Tahir
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It’s January 7th, and we’re a week into the new year. You may be going strong on your new year’s resolutions. I like to see resolutions as goals because they are not associated with the start of the year.

Goals are fundamental to personal growth and betterment. Maybe you want to lose that extra weight you gained over the pandemic. Perhaps you want to start cooking at home. Maybe you want to lower your cholesterol with diet. Maybe you want to start exercising regularly. You may want to check off that half marathon on your bucket list. Or maybe you want to be around for your grandkids. Research shows that setting goals and achieving success are directly correlated. Appropriate goals establish new behaviors and a new you.

However, most of us have difficulty staying up with goals, especially new year’s goals.

According to a study done at the University of Scranton, 23% of people quit their new year’s goals after just one week. Only 12% of people can achieve their new year’s goals. Now that’s a low rate of conversion to success. It’s not just about setting goals. It’s also about achieving them.

Unfortunately, goals are only possible to achieve with a system. Here are a few tips to ensure you achieve your goals this year-

Put it on paper- Write your goal on a piece of paper or sticky note. It’s important it get it out of your head. It forces our subconscious brain to accept our commitment to change. Research shows that keeping the goal visible daily or looking at it in the morning reminds us to act on it subconsciously. So, stick that sticky on your bathroom mirror.

Assign a deadline- Open-time goals are not achievable. Set a due date by which you’re confident of achieving your goal. Put the date on your calendar and the sticky note.

Change your mindset- Before taking any action, work on your perspective. Believe in your abilities, think positively, and embrace the change. A few ways to adopt a positive mindset are to read books, surround yourself with motivated people, and watch motivational videos. In your attitude lies the real opportunity.

Take action — The first step is always the hardest. Once you have the mindset, get started. Things will never be in perfect alignment to start something new. Take action now and then and make adjustments along the way if needed.

Turn it into a habit — Human brain craves routine and repetition. The idea is to create positive habits that your body can do on autopilot. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning, you know exactly where your brush is and how to do it the first thing in the morning. You can create a new healthy habit that you’ll be wired to do every day. To turn a goal into a habit, repetition and consistency are key factors.

Switch up your environment- Is your environment cueing you to perform actions that go against your goals? Are you reaching for the snack at 2:00 p.m. just because it’s in the pantry ?Do you buy popcorn at movie theaters just because you’re used to eating popcorn while watching movies, even though you’re not hungry? Eliminating things from your environment or changing your environment can help you get to your goals.

Activate your reward circuitry- Have you ever wondered why people play the lottery repeatedly? Because the positive experience of winning a few dollars releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical. Break your goal into smaller actionable steps. Every time you complete a step, reward yourself by checking it off. For example, check off the calendar every time you eat a healthy snack or go for your workout.

Taking these steps will ensure you can achieve your goals this year. I wish you all the luck in pursuing your goals and becoming a better version of yourself. If you need a partner to help you create a plan and build healthy habits? Book a call with me HERE.



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