Five Benefits of Core Training

Your core is the powerhouse, which helps with daily functional movements. Many people only recognize abdominal muscles as body’s core. Core muscles are more than just the six-pack ab-muscles. The front and back muscles of the body’s midsection are called core. The muscles in the lumbo-pelvic region are part of core.

Here are five benefits of core exercises:

Stabilizes the back- Core muscles stabilize and protect the spine.
The deep intrinsic core muscles, multifidus, transverse abdominis and diaphragm are mostly weak. When these muscles are strengthened and work in coordination, they stabilize the spine.

Improves balance- Core exercises train the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in sync with each other. This harmony helps to develop balance and stability.

Improves breathing- Deep breathing lengthens the deep core muscles and expands your diaphragm. Stronger core leads to a better breathing pattern.

Better postural control- Strong and coordinated core muscles help with maintaining a tall posture. Plus, they provide stability during strength workouts and activities for daily living.

Prevents injuries- Strengthening core muscles stabilizes the body during workouts to reduce pressure on joints like knees, hips, and ankles. A strong core reduces the injury risk by helping us keep a good form throughout the movement while at the gym or in the yard.

These benefits should be motivation enough to strengthen your core and include core exercises in your daily routine. The best part about core exercises is that they don’t require specialized equipment or a gym membership. You can get a great core workout right from your home.

I personally like planks for strengthening the core. What is your favorite core exercise?

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About the Author

Aesha Tahir is a health and wellness coach and a certified personal trainer. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Exercise Science and is certified by the NASM as a Personal trainer. She is a certified USA Track and Field Running Coach and Road Runners of America Coach. She is a 200-HR Registered Yoga Teacher. She is also a group exercise instructor specializing in barre, spinning, strength training, boot camp, and yoga classes. She has over five years of experience in the fitness and wellness arena with focused expertise in coaching, corrective exercise and injury prevention, individualized fitness programs, and group fitness programs. She is also an aspiring public speaker in the fitness and wellness world who believes in this quote; “To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible.”



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Aesha Tahir

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